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During the summer our reindeer are in the wilderness as they are semi-wild animals. There are only a few reindeer living near by the farm in summer 

and we have a lot of work to do to prepare for the next winter. That's why we cannot provide the traditional farm visit on summer time. 


Please contact us to make a reservation for the next winter:



We offer reindeer farm visits on request. Please note that before you visit us you should have a reservation.

When having a reservation please title your email "FARM VISIT + DATE + SIZE OF YOUR GROUP"

for example "FARM VISIT 23.02. group of 4" or "FARM VISIT 23.-27.02. group of 3-6" if you are not sure about the date or size of your group.

Ask more and have a reservation via email.


Reindeer farm visit includes:

- Meet & feed the reindeer in their natural habitat

- Sleigh riding

- Home made pastry & Hot drinks at the river side's Mill Hut

- Story time with the reindeer herder family with a slide show about the reindeer's year

- A lot of fun and informative things about and around reindeer husbandry

Estimated time 2 hours.


We serve only one group at the time as we want to offer you a unique experience as our personal guest.


Take a look at the farm visit at Poro-Panuma in a video below and have a reservation for your own visit  Here